The Long and Winding Road

Took a while to return here. Truth be told i could have posted the inks much earlier.

A while back i decided i wanted to do a random cover a month
(or 3) where i would re-create whatever fell on my lap so to speak. Did some quick googling and fell upon http://www.coverbrowser.com that did exactly what i wanted it to, be random.

So my first random is Cyber Force Vol.2 #14 and the original cover, which i will share alongside my final effort very soon, drawn by the legendary Marc Silvestri.
Just to make it clear the idea was not to reproduce the original or try to best it but to give my take of the cover and the story within.
I admire a few cover artists but one that stands out above the rest for me is Dave Johnson and his minimalistic and story based covers and while mine is far from minimalistic i set down and  read the story arc that ran around issue 14 to get some insight (will get into the story more in the next post).

Finally a quick wrap up; Cyblade washes done in Art Rage and the rest inked in Illustrator and touched up in Photoshop.

Art: Illustrator, Art Rage & Photoshop
Noise: 3 months worth...

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