Sky - Illustration Friday

Who said i never post?!.... Aaaaaah!

Well was really thinking about heading for bed but thought since i'm blogging let me head over to a neglected  site i so enjoy. So i carefully clicked through my tab infested browser and found http://illustrationfriday.com/.
While my eyes tried to adjust to the bright yellowness of it all i squinted and made out this weeks topic "Sky".

I was looking for an excuse to shamelessly post this one and i found it! : D
It has a sky! and it also contains funny looking cartoon characters fully equipped with band-aids, wings and even tiny brains floating in jumbo sized plastic cups!
If you haven't already seen it in my Flickr or Deviant accounts then... TA DAAAA!!!

The serious bit here - Inspired by the greatest 8 bit arcade game ever Bubble Bobble it was completely created in Illustrator... i'm going bed now...


Ian Summers said...

Bright & crazy. I really like it!


Thanks bud glad you liked it :)