ReCovered - CyberForce Vol 2 #14

So, here we are then.
Months later and this is my final version of Marc Silvestris' cover of CyberForce #14.
I'm sure i could tweak the colours more and more and make it never ending... and in future i might re-visit it but for now i need to move on to other projects.

All in all i was happy with this effort and also with the execution of what i had in mind once i read the full story. As i mentioned on the "inks" post i didn't want to just do a bunch of superheroes posing but instead combine it with the story within. I focused on Cyblades' story and her effort to time travel back to the hundred year war and help out the French who of course thought that she was Joan of Arc. Other things seem to be happening through the pages that obviously go further back than the story arc i read including an army by the name of "Machines of Death" that i decided to include within the cover. The MoD's skull
can be seen in Cyblades cy-power (or whatever it goes by).
Did anybody know that Cyblade was French? Her name is Dominique Thibaut... and to think all this time she was of Asian origin... hmmm go figure!

Finally the break down. The idea was all sketched in Sketchbook Pro and inked in Illustrator. Washes were done in Art Rage and the image was finally all coloured in Photoshop.

Art: Illustrator, Art Rage & Photoshop
Noise: Local H - Hallelujah! I'm a Bum
Pulled Apart By Horses - Tough Love
Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense

Big thanks to my model Jess for helping out with the pose.

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