Welcome!... really though, i'm the only one reading this but let's act like i'm not.

Cause let us(me) be honest; The chances of anyone else running into this blog are not great and truth be told i really am not expecting to have more than 5 followers: 1)because that's the number of people i know and 2)because i will most likely forget this blog exists after a couple of months :)

With that said you(I) know what to expect from an artists blog. Sketches, artwork, inspirational posts (eg. videos, images, sites, blah, blah, blah), events and so on.
But i promise you(myself)as soon as i get the hang of this 'blogger' and get better at posting i'll start making an effort to make it more personal/interesting than what exists out there.

But enough of this intro to what may be a very short stint at 'blogging', i want to post some art! :)

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Dibbydabby said...

I read it! (just saying) :-)